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September 2014

"Faithless" from the upcoming fourth studio album!

September 2014
ARTIST: Black Veil Brides
TRACK: Heart of Fire
ALBUM: Black Veil Brides
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September 2014

"Heart of Fire" from the upcoming album!

August 2014

In The Studio with Black Veil Brides: Part 2

July 2014
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Anonymous asked

in the mv for knives and pens there is a man speaking in the beginning, and he's talking about a cult. would you happen to know where thats from or is that just someone bvb know? thanx


It’s taken from a recording of one of the West Memphis Three trials, which can be seen in the first documentary that documents the WM3 case; Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills. You can find the full doc on youtube in two parts. The second part which contains the clip you are talking about is here. :)